n.l. moon is a thinker and writer. his love for reading and writing began in high school after he read “call of the wild.” from there, he began his creative writing career, finding early success winning a pta writing contest before graduating. in college, he had several poems and short stories published in student literary journals. he holds a BA in English, with an emphasis on writing and minor in journalism from uw-whitewater.
he’s tutored international students and taught sixth-grade ela, preferring the former because he could spend more time with the students and their needs.
currently, he lives in the driftless area of wisconsin with his wife, four daughters, and two cats where he works for a property-management company doing painting and drywall repair. when he’s not painting ceilings and walls or patching holes, he’s trying to write a short story, poem, or he’s spreading his contrarian thoughts on mainstream christianity and the intersection of church and state on his blog.



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